About Us

Viagrico company known as with the ambition of becoming a premier supplier of spices seasoning and agro products. from a humble beginning of infrastructure and staff thanks to our internal constant attempt as well as the support of clients worldwide we have grown and developed continuously to gain significant success in the industry. Our turn over increases stable annually and the brand name VIAGRICO has been adhering to spices and agriculture products traders.

Our key manufacturing products are Chilli, Products of Dragon fruit, which have been acknowledged in the global market and clients. In another hand, Viagrico also succeed in dealing with additional agro commodities such as: coffee, pepper, cashew nuts, Natural Banana …etc.

Customers who are looking for spices and agro products originated from Vietnam will find the comfort and satisfaction at Viagrico as we usually attach special importance to the quality of the products. Understanding that quality is the vitality which affirms our reputation in such highly competitive environment we commit to supply customers best quality products every time for a unique principle: “Bring value to life”